Working with assignments and allocations

The API exposes assignments and allocations relationships on objects in the project hierarchy. You can use these to retrieve the allocated or assigned resources, which can be either groups or users.

Allocations can be used to allocate users or groups to a project team, while assignments are more explicit and is used to assign users to tasks. Both assignment and allocations are modelled as Appointment objects, with a type attribute indicating the type of the appoinment.

The following example retrieves all users part of the project team:

# Retrieve a project
project = session.query('Project').first()

# Set to hold all users part of the project team
project_team = set()

# Add all allocated groups and users
for allocation in project['allocations']:

    # Resource may be either a group or a user
    resource = allocation['resource']

    # If the resource is a group, add its members
    if isinstance(resource, session.types['Group']):
        for membership in resource['memberships']:
            user = membership['user']

    # The resource is a user, add it.
        user = resource

The next example shows how to assign the current user to a task:

# Retrieve a task and the current user
task = session.query('Task').first()
current_user = session.query(
    u'User where username is {0}'.format(session.api_user)

# Create a new Appointment of type assignment.
session.create('Appointment', {
    'context': task,
    'resource': current_user,
    'type': 'assignment'

# Finally, persist the new assignment

To list all users assigned to a task, see the following example:

task = session.query('Task').first()
users = session.query(
    'select first_name, last_name from User '
    'where assignments any (context_id = "{0}")'.format(task['id'])
for user in users:
    print(user['first_name'], user['last_name'])

To list the current user’s assigned tasks, see the example below:

assigned_tasks = session.query(
    'select link from Task '
    'where assignments any (resource.username = "{0}")'.format(session.api_user)
for task in assigned_tasks:
    print(' / '.join(item['name'] for item in task['link']))