Publishing versionsΒΆ

To know more about publishing and the concepts around publishing, read the ftrack article about publishing.

To publish an asset you first need to get the context where the asset should be published:

# Get a task from a given id.
task = session.get('Task', '423ac382-e61d-4802-8914-dce20c92b740')

And the parent of the task which will be used to publish the asset on:

asset_parent = task['parent']

Then we create an asset and a version on the asset:

asset_type = session.query('AssetType where name is "Geometry"').one()
asset = session.create('Asset', {
    'name': 'My asset',
    'type': asset_type,
    'parent': asset_parent
asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', {
    'asset': asset,
    'task': task


The task is not used as the parent of the asset, instead the task is linked directly to the AssetVersion.

Then when we have a version where we can create the components:

    '/path/to/a/', location='auto'
    '/path/to/a/', location='auto'


This will automatically create a new component and add it to the location which has been configured as the first in priority.

Components can also be named and added to a custom location like this:

location = session.query('Location where name is "my-location"')
        'name': 'foobar'