Configuring locations

To allow management of data by a location or retrieval of filesystem paths where supported, a location instance needs to be configured in a session with an accessor and structure.


The standard builtin locations require no further setup or configuration and it is not necessary to read the rest of this section to use them.

Before continuing, make sure that you are familiar with the general concepts of locations by reading the Overview.

Configuring manually

Locations can be configured manually when using a session by retrieving the location and setting the appropriate attributes:

location = session.query('Location where name is "my.location"').one()
location.structure =
location.priority = 50

Configuring automatically

Often the configuration of locations should be determined by developers looking after the core pipeline and so ftrack provides a way for a plugin to be registered to configure the necessary locations for each session. This can then be managed centrally if desired.

The configuration is handled through the standard events system via a topic ftrack.api.session.configure-location. Set up an event listener plugin as normal with a register function that accepts a Session instance. Then register a callback against the relevant topic to configure locations at the appropriate time:

import ftrack_api
import ftrack_api.entity.location
import ftrack_api.accessor.disk

def configure_locations(event):
    '''Configure locations for session.'''
    session = event['data']['session']

    # Find location(s) and customise instances.
    location = session.query('Location where name is "my.location"').one()
    ftrack_api.mixin(location, ftrack_api.entity.location.UnmanagedLocationMixin)
    location.accessor = ftrack_api.accessor.disk.DiskAccessor(prefix='')
    location.structure =
    location.priority = 50

def register(session):
    '''Register plugin with *session*.'''


If you expect the plugin to also be evaluated by the legacy API, remember to validate the arguments.

So long as the directory containing the plugin exists on your FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH, the plugin will run for each session created and any configured locations will then remain configured for the duration of that related session.

Be aware that you can configure many locations in one plugin or have separate plugins for different locations - the choice is entirely up to you!